Welcome To Flagstaff Eye Care


We have been committed to serving northern Arizona for more than 60 years.   


At Flagstaff Eye Care, we provide our patients with complete eye examinations. The examination will check the full health of your eyes and will also give you a prescription for glasses and contact lenses per patient request. We do eye exams for all ages with our youngest patients starting at 3 months old. For our contact lens exams, we are able to fit patients with all types of contact lenses including hard-to-fit post RK, patients with keratoconus, gas permeable contacts, colored contacts, and contacts for every day use. 

About Us

Dr. Nick Koshuta, Dr. Larry Richardson, Dr. Tracy Crane, and Dr. Jennifer Samuel are all trained at treating and managing ocular diseases and can provide pre- and post-operative care. We are also able to see patients who develop sudden eye emergencies such as red eyes, eye infections, foreign bodies, flashes of light, floaters, and many other emergencies.




Our office is located in Flagstaff's historic downtown on the east side of North San Francisco Street, right up the hill from the County Courthouse. The 4000 square foot office is handicap accessible and has over 1000 brand name frames and sunglasses from which you may select. We have 6 examination rooms including a contact lens training office.  We have the most technologically advanced equipment to help diagnose and manage ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular diseases, and cataracts. Most vision and major medical plans are accepted.